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Scientific Films

Much of my work is shooting, writing and assembling scientific films for clients such as Corteva AgriScience or Bayer CropScience.  With a PhD in wildlife ecotoxicology, and a long background in the field of regulatory wildlife science, I'm well-placed to make films that supplement technical reports.

I'll come and see your science in progress and film it happening.  As well as high-quality video, time-lapses and drone shots can be particularly effective.


As a scientist myself, I know how to cover the details of key operations and procedures without getting in the way.  Don't worry! - I don't need scientists or technicians to talk to camera.  That's a skill all of its own, and it's hard to do when you're concentrating on doing the science as well.  Instead, I usually simply record what happens, and then tell the story with the pictures, a skilful edit, and a professionally-recorded voiceover script.

The real strength of video lies in showing the background and context for the science, and in clearly demonstrating the methods.

I can also use animated graphics and charts to give an overview of key results.  These can stand alone or be overlaid on the video showing the environment where it happens or the species concerned.

Most of my films have voiceover in English, and I provide English subtitles.  English is  widely used to communicate science, but if it's not your favourite language, the subtitles can really help.  If required, I can have the subtitles translated by expert technical translators to whatever language you choose.  If you'd prefer the voiceover and graphics in another language, let me know: I can do that too.  

For audiences like government regulatory agencies who need to really understand the science, but can't spend weeks with a field team, this kind of video, supplementing a technical report, can be very helpful and persuasive.  And it's a whole lot more enjoyable to watch one than to plough through a technical report!

I can't show you many of my scientific films - they're proprietary to the clients for whom they're made.  (I'll respect your IP and confidentiality too).

However, tier3 solutions had me make a series of 'Grey Box Films'.  Each one explains a 'bread-and-butter' technique or principle for those who may not be so familiar with them.  My scientific films use a similar approach and style.

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